• 14.06.2016, 23:10


Happy 2 year anniversary, Mie and Frank!
Had such a blast being a feelgood photographer on your day.

  • 02.06.2016, 21:31


A throwback to another one of my favorite series of photos with Marthe. I love how she was able to portray my vision (the subject being domestic violence) in such a simple, yet delicate and emotional way. Images can be so much louder than words and that's one of the reasons I fell in love with photography in the first place. Photography a medium that can express feelings people can't talk about.

  • 26.05.2016, 20:47


Model: Kamilla L / Trend Models
Make-up + Styling: Sandra Sund Rodum

Fashion photography isn't really my thing, but getting to work with a model and stylist whilst studying at Fotofagskolen was nerve-wrecking, but most of all; very fun! I was so lucky to have a wonderful model and a stylist that really understood my vision. There are my favorite photos from the high end shoot (top) and the "destructive" shoot (bottom).

  • 19.05.2016, 20:24


I always find myself going back to this shoot every once in a while. Still to this day I think it's my favorite photo shoot I've ever done and it's a series of photos I'm extremely proud of. It's an artistic nude series I did whilst I was studying at Norsk Fotofagskole in Trondheim. I can't show you guys the entire series due to nudity, respect and the privacy of my stunning model. BUT — today marks this beauty's 28th birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to revisit these photos! Thank you Linn for gracing me with your beauty every single time I meet you. You are such a lovely woman, kind spirit and above all; an absolutely beautiful mother. Looking forward to our next shoot!

Happy birthday, Linn.

  • 13.05.2016, 22:40


Fredag og langhelg.
Det er fint det.

  • 12.05.2016, 17:28


About two weeks ago Marthe and I had a spontaneous photo shoot.
Here are the results.

  • 11.05.2016, 21:51


I've missed blogging so now I'm back.
Shutterland is all about stories and my passion for photography.
Happy reading!

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Lena Katrin

Growing up I sat in my room and wrote short-stories with a vivid imagination. My biggest dream was to become an author. Around the age of sixteen, I discovered my love for photography. I used my photography and self-portraits as a medium to express the feelings I couldn't talk about; just as I had done through my writing. My name is Lena Katrin. I am a visual merchandiser and photographer. I am artistic, creative, sensitive, easy-going, quirky and caring. And this, my friend, is where you can read the tales of a crazy cat lady armed with a camera.