• 22.05.2016, 17:50


Loving: Sushi. Matte lipsticks. Roller-coasters. Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor hair mask. Silver hair. (Fake) septum rings. Unicorns. Pia. Braids. Spring. Nike. Ginger beer with ice cubes + a slice of lime. Photography. Meeting new people. Being spontaneous. Roger. ♥ Denim shorts + plaid shirts. My friends.

Watching: Way too many reality-shows. I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP.

Reading: Not reading any books at the moment, but this article caught my interest the other day.

Anticipating: Moving into our new apartment in July! I can't wait to enjoy a brand new kitchen and having a large living-room with a fireplace, big windows and a view of the ocean!

Listening to:

  • Laleh - "Bare Få Va Mig Själv"
  • Young the Giant - "Something to Believe In"
  • 4 Non Blondes - "What's Up?"

Planning: To buy a new computer. I'm debating whether or not I should invest in an 27" iMac for my home office or not... Windows has been getting on my nerves over the years and I've slowly started to convert to Apple products (MacBook Pro + iPhone). I have a feeling that an iMac will take some getting used to, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

AND — a trip to celebrate my 30th birthday in September. For some reason I don't feel like being home when I turn thirty. I haven't been on a real holiday since 2009 either so it's about time... I'm hoping for a week in the sun + a long weekend in the city. I really have to sit down one day and figure out where I want to go. Can you tell I suck at planning? Any advice about good travel destinations would make me forever grateful!

Working on: My eating habits. Getting back to the gym after an injury. Letting go of people I don't need in my life.

Wishing: That my body would co-operate with me.

Lena Katrin

Growing up I sat in my room and wrote short-stories with a vivid imagination. My biggest dream was to become an author. Around the age of sixteen, I discovered my love for photography. I used my photography and self-portraits as a medium to express the feelings I couldn't talk about; just as I had done through my writing. My name is Lena Katrin. I am a visual merchandiser and photographer. I am artistic, creative, sensitive, easy-going, quirky and caring. And this, my friend, is where you can read the tales of a crazy cat lady armed with a camera.