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I ran into this gorgeous lady when I was in Trondheim today. Turns out Sonja is getting married in July and I'm pretty sure she's going to be one of the most beautiful brides ever. I couldn't be happier for her!

The main reason I went to town today was because I had an appointment for an MRI of my hips/pelvis and lower back. For years I've had a slightly uncomfortable pain in these areas and when I lay down in a hard surface (e.g the floor) my lower back seems to "seize up" and it's hard to get up. A month and a half ago I started to see physiotherapist and she recommended an MRI. She thinks it might be Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, but we can't be sure until we get the results in a couple of weeks. I'm also struggling with an inflammation in my right shoulder that just WON'T. LET. GO. It's super frustrating when your body doesn't want to cooperate with you.

I'm hoping I can get my ass back at the gym next week and at least get some cardio done. Dealing with all of this is just depressing. At least the sun is shining and it's friggin' Saturday! Hope you guys have a nice weekend.
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29.05.2016 kl. 20:50
Nydlige bilder. Håpe du får svar fort fra prøvene og at det ordne seg, krysse fingrane for deg hvertfall <3

Lena Katrin

30.05.2016 kl. 07:02
Milla: Takk! <3

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